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Terms & Conditions of Use



The rules and procedures in this document are being implemented to regulate sales, Registration, Collection and company operations as well as prevent improper, illegal or abusive acts within the company. These policies shall govern the relationship between the Member and HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE and such other matters related to these policies.

Every Member is expected to be knowledgeable of the following rules and abide by the same to ensure his or her success as well as that of the company.


In all contractual agreements you sign with HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE and HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE’s published literature, unless the context otherwise requires, the following words and phrases shall have the following meanings:


A person who is interested to become Happy World Meal Gate’s Member.

 Happy World Success Programme

Advance training on the benefits of Multi-Level Campaign (MLM) with respect to Happy World Meal Gate and the elementary knowledge/skills in doing the business.


Campaign Centre (CC)

The venue where the Team Leader(s) organizes trainings, seminars and campaign in a specific area.

 Team Leader (TL)

The only official and authorized Member who can operate a Campaign Centre outside of the Head Office of Happy World Meal Gate, No two CCOs are allowed to operate in the same area.


Commercial Website

www.happyworldmealgate.org is the official website of Happy World Meal Gate.

 Level (Stage) Bonus (LB)

The Bonus you get for being in a stage.

 Stage Completions Bonus

The bonus you get for completing a stage.

 Down Line

This is the sponsored Member who eventually formed part of the network of the sponsor or up line, either directly sponsored by the up line or not.

 Direct Down Line

This is the member directly invited by a sponsor to avail of the Welcome Package and becomes an independent Member.


The authorization by HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE to become a Member this is identified by a unique membership ID.

 Membership Application Form (MAF)

This is the form that must be filled and signed by the person desiring to become a Member of HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE, which contains the terms and conditions of the company. If the person registers as a Member online or via the company website, an applicant is considered to have read, understood and agreed to the policies of the company.

 Data Tracking Centre (DTC)

This is commonly known as the “Members’ Back Office”. This is where a Member can view and manage his/her account showing personal information, genealogy, income and Transactions, food ordering, adding accounts and more. The DTC is accessed by clicking on the “Login” link in the commercial website of Happy World Meal Gate.

 Team Leader

Any member who has qualified for stage 2 (the Golden Garden Stage) according to the compensation plan of HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE and has been registered as a group leader upon request to the company.

 Welcome Package

This is also referred to as the start-up pack. This is the incentive a New Member gets for joining the company. It contains Registration Pin, either Milo/Milk or Tin Tomato/Magi. This is not fixed – may change over time, quarterly or semi-annually as part of promotional activities.


This is a set of members either to the left or right of an up line. A member may have two (2) groups when he starts this campaign under one account; the left Group and the Right Group. For each Group, the Member may have as many down lines as he or she can manage.


This consists of the Members’ organization/s or groups, which include the entirety of the Members’ down lines.

 New Member Induction (NMI)

This is a seminar on how and why to do the business.

 Success Plan Presentation (SPP)

This is the campaign plan presentation discussing the goal, benefits, products and compensation plan.

 Level Bonus

This is the bonus you get for being on a level (stage). It varies from stage to stage.


A member who introduces and registers a person to Happy World Meal Gate, who eventually becomes a Member by virtue of the company’s acceptance of the Member Application. Sponsors are also referred to as ‘Direct Up lines’. A sponsor is responsible for training and supporting his down lines in the course of this campaign.

 Technical Training

This refers to the Training on how to register, navigate and use the DTC, the terms & conditions and code of conduct of the company, how to manage the Data Tracking Center (DTC), and so on.





Any person of at least eighteen (18) years old, a corporation, partnership or legal entity may apply and become an HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE Member. An applicant who wishes to become a Member must be capable of entering into a contract in accordance with the laws of that country and must comply with all legal requirements for conducting business in the country.


1.2.1. To become a HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE Member, an applicant must purchase a registration PIN of Ṩ50 (NGN 10, 000).

1.2.2. The applicant must then sign the Member Application Form or register on the Member’s website.

1.2.3. An Applicant shall read the Terms and Conditions of the company indicated in the Member Application Form (MAF) and Member website and agree to abide by all their provisions.

1.2.4. The accomplished MAF and online registration form shall signify the Member’s acceptance of the terms and conditions of the company, which shall serve as the contract between the Member and HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE.

1.2.5. The HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE. Member Application Form (MAF) must be submitted immediately upon completion to any of Happy World Meal Gate Offices and Centers. The authorization is effective upon submission of the MAF or upon registration onto the Member website.


1.3.1. As a HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE Member, he/she/it can now engage in the campaign of HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE and shall be entitled to corresponding commissions, rebates, discounts and privileges given by the company.

1.3.2. Resigned or terminated Members, however, are no longer entitled to avail of the aforementioned commissions and benefits.

1.3.3. The rights and privileges that come with Membership identification Number (Membership ID) issued by the company cannot be transferred to another person.


Members shall remain loyal to the company and its policies and are not allowed to join any other Multi-Level Campaign (MLM) companies directly competing with Happy World Meal Gate while they are an active member in the later.





Only one individual may apply for a Membership and sign the Member Application Form or complete the registration online.


2.2.1. A Husband and wife may become individual Members following the procedure above, PROVIDED, they register under the SAME GROUP. This means that either the husband or wife becomes the up line or down line of the other spouse.

2.2.2. In the event that the spouses previously registered under different networks/groups, either spouse must choose in which group he/she wishes to belong, PROVIDED, the transferring spouse does not have any down lines. The transferring spouse will be given a period of thirty (30) days from notice to choose his/her group of preference, after which period management shall exercise its discretion on the transfer.

The spouse required to transfer shall not be permitted to have any down lines pending such transfer.

2.2.3. From the effectivity of this policy, spouses shall not be permitted to register under sponsors from different groups. Spouses found guilty of circumventing this policy shall not be allowed to have any down lines and any credited down lines shall be forfeited and credited to the nearest up line of the guilty spouse. Management may also impose appropriate sanctions for violation of this provision, which may include suspension or termination of accounts.


A duly registered Partnership, Corporation or other legal entity may become an authorized Member. Such Membership may be approved by Happy World Meal Gate on a case-to-case basis. The legal entity must submit a certification of authorization of its duly authorized representative to HAPPY WORLDMEALGATE and such other documents as the management may require.


HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE members are considered “Independent Members” and as such, there shall be no employer-employee relationship between them and HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE shall not be responsible for any misrepresentation made by its Members.

No Member possesses the authority to bind HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE to any obligation.


A Membership, and any resulting group, created or operated by proxy, whether intentionally or inadvertently, is not allowed and shall be adjusted for compliance with company policies.


HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE Members shall be allowed to purchase 1, 3, or up to a maximum of seven (7) heads/slots registered under his/her name.


With the exception of Section 2.2.3 on Husband and Wife Transfer, re-selling of accounts/heads/slots of a Member to any individual is strictly NOT ALLOWED whether he or she belongs to the same group, cross line, up line, down line, relative or otherwise.


The following acts constitute bonus buying and are strictly prohibited.

  1. Registration of individuals without the knowledge of and/or execution of an Independent Member Application Form by such individual;

  1. The fraudulent registration of an individual as a Member (i.e without purchasing PIN and getting the Welcome Package);

  1. The registration or attempted registration of non-existent individuals as Members to qualify for bonus or commissions;

  1. Any other ways or mechanism by which strategic purchases are made to maximize commissions or bonuses when a Member does not have a bona fide use for or the intention of propagating the message preached (helping to eradicate hunger).


BIG-BUYs is the purchase of PINS in excess of immediate campaign needs either to increase the price or other fraudulent purposes. Such act is not permitted and will lead to the termination of the Members’ account.

 To discourage any Member from BIG-Buys, the company reserves the right to pay or not to pay any bonus or commission to the Member and up lines who benefits from such transactions. Members who took part in the bonus buying and/or Big-Buys will be dealt with severely, which may include termination and/or legal action for damages.


The Member is responsible for keeping the information in his accounts accurate.

HAPPWORLDMEAL GATE reserves the right to take disciplinary action, which may include the termination of the account, in the event that the company determines that false or inaccurate information was given.


 An account is considered inactive when there has been no personal PIN purchase, personal sponsoring nor income encashment for a period of six (6) months.

Inactive accounts will automatically be deactivated in the DTC.


 Upon the death of the Member, his/her account/s are transferable only to the latter’s immediate family (father, mother, brothers, sisters and children)

 Upon written request and approval by HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE, a Member may voluntarily pass on or to his/her successor all rights including rights to income and campaign position, together with Membership responsibilities and obligations.

The company reserves the right to approve such voluntary transfers only on the basis of highly meritorious reasons.



 2.11.1. Except for authorized change of sponsorship, it is against company policy for any Member to change sponsors. Unauthorized transfers are considered as acts of cross-lining and are strictly prohibited. HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE will only consider the first valid registration and any subsequent applications to transfer will not be allowed.

 2.11.2. It is strictly prohibited to engage in any activity that involves the soliciting of any Member to transfer/move to a different group by making offers such as, but not limited to, free slots, campaign support, financial support, etc.

 2.11.3. Should a Member wish to transfer from a change his or her sponsor, the following conditions must be strictly met:


  1. He / She must be inactive for at least Six (6) months;

  1. He / She must submit a resignation letter to HAPPY WORLDMEAL GATE with intent to transfer sponsorship. Any existing down line of the transferring Member will automatically roll up to the former sponsor and cannot be transferred to the next sponsor.

  1. The resignation letter with intent to transfer must be approved by HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE within 60days.

 2.11.4. Only complaints from active Members affected by the transfers stated above shall be entertained by management.


 All Members agree to assure HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE’s officers, agents and directors that the latter be held harmless against any claim, demand, liability, loss, cost or expense, including but not limited to legal fees, that may arise concerning the Member or the Member’s business.


2.13.1. Authorization to Use Personal Information of the Member

The Member authorizes HAPPYWORLDMEAL GATE to:

 1.Transfer and disclose personal and/or confidential information, which;

 1.Was provided to the company in connection with the Membership and the resulting group, or

 1.Has been developed as a result of the Member’s activities as such to:


1.Its parent and affiliated companies wherever located;

2.Applicable government agencies or regulatory bodies if required by law.

1.Use personal information for Member recognition and the Company’s literature (such as testimonials, etc.) unless the Member request in writing that the Company not do so;


1.Any other disclosure, apart from the above will not be permitted.


2.13.2. Non-disclosure of Confidential information from the Company

 HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE provides its Members the necessary information for the sole purpose of furthering the company’s business such as, but not limited to the sale of company products, and the sponsoring and training of applicants and down lines in the conduct of business. However, access to said information is conditioned upon the Members’ commitment of non-disclosure and confidentiality.

During any term of the Member, and for a period of four (4) years after termination of the Membership, you will not, for any reason, disclose the following information on your behalf, or on behalf of another;


  1. Any confidential information obtained during your Membership was in effect, related to or contained in the network to any third party directly or indirectly;

  1. Any password or access codes of the company to any third party directly or indirectly.

 The obligations of this section shall survive the termination of your account.


 A Member’s authorization is for life, unless terminated voluntarily or involuntarily

 2.14.1. Voluntarily Termination

A Member is considered to have voluntarily terminated his Membership upon receipt by the HAPPYWORLD MEAL GATE Head Office of his/her written notice of resignation.

 2.14.2. Involuntary Termination

HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE reserves the right to terminate the account of any Member who violates the terms and conditions in the Member Application Form, HAPPY WORLDMEAL GATE policies and procedures, or for other just cause. Involuntary termination is effective when the Member receives actual notice of the termination.


To preserves the integrity of the company’s business, Members must observe the company’s rules, regulations and code of conduct and ethical standards. Violation of these rules will mean automatic deactivation, suspension or termination of account, depending on the offense. After the deactivation of an account, the Member will be given two (2) months to clarify the issues pertaining to the deactivation by reporting to the management in person.

 Non-compliance will lead to the permanent deactivation of the account





Sponsors are responsible for their direct down lines in ensuring that they are properly trained with respect to HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE’s policies and procedures, campaign plan and sound business practices. Such responsibility includes:


  1. TRAINING by making sure that the down line attends all the required trainings and seminars of the company;

  1. COMMUNICATING to entertain the down line’s inquiries and advising them regarding the proper steps/strategies to take.

  1. UPDATING by informing the down line regarding new policies and developments in the company.


 The Member may extend his or her sponsoring activities to any country where HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE exists and to other territories as may be approved by the management.





 All members shall at all times, remain loyal to the company and its policies being issued from time to time. They must not commit acts, which include but are not limited to:

  1. Joining, representing associating sponsoring, recruiting, conspiring in any mode or form for the benefit or advantage of companies, business groups, partnership or individual, directly competing with HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE either locally or abroad;

  1. Introducing, presenting, selling, promoting, nor offering in any manner their products, services, businesses, campaign programs and plans or a combination thereof, whether tangible or intangible.

 Note: If the Member/s was confirmed to have joined another Campaign (MLM) Company with competing interests, 2 offense penalties will automatically apply.


In consideration of the benefits and privileges given by the company, all members must not make nor encourage written or oral remarks or statements, which tend to discredit and disrepute the company, its centers or any of its service branches and its officers, agents or representatives.

In furtherance to the above, the incitement of a group or team across the network by the posting of malicious, misleading, unwanted, untrue, unfair, prejudicial, fallacious statements and abuse, is considered inimical to the health and well-being of the company, staffs and members at large, and for these purposes, the authors and distributors of such statements are liable to be sanctioned by a 3 months suspension during which time they will not be entitled to any rewards/awards/incentives.


All members are strictly enjoined to be professionals in all acts and bearings, dealings or transactions. They must not make any false statements, such as, but not limited to misrepresentation, exaggeration, disinformation, vain promises, introducing fake or spurious products or services, or circumventing the company plans or programs of the company.


All members are strictly enjoined to be honest and credible in all their deeds by not committing acts against the company or fellow members, which are but not limited to:

  1. Imitating or counterfeiting any handwriting or signature;

  1. Causing it to appear that a member has participated in any act, activity when he/she did not in fact so participate.

  1. Alluding or pointing to members who have participated in any act, activity or statements other than those made by them:

  1. Inserting false statements in a narration of facts such as those in the affidavit, deed and other documents similar thereto;

  1. Changing true dates;

  1. Modifying a genuine document, which alters or changes its meaning;

  1. Issuing in an authenticated form a document purporting to be a copy of an original document when no such original actually exists;

  1. Changing access details of another member without their permission.

  1. Refusing to enlighten down lines.

  1. Refusing to release access details to a registered down line because of personal/selfish interest.

  1. Deceiving prospect to pay lump sum to assist in moving them up the stages.


 All members are strictly enjoined to observe humility and respect towards fellow members, officers and employees of the company, by not committing directly or indirectly any acts, which are but not limited to rudeness, disrespect and discourtesy.


First Offense – One (1) month deactivation of all the accounts with the forfeiture in favour of the company of all benefits, privileges, commissions and other remuneration either monetary or any kind, which accrued at the time of the commission of the violation.

Second Offense – Six (6) months deactivation of all the accounts with the forfeiture in favour of the company of all benefits, privileges, commissions and other remunerations either monetary or any kind, which accrued at the time of the commission of the violation.

Third Offense – Perpetual deactivation of all the accounts, which carries with it the forfeiture of all benefits, privileges, commissions and other remunerations either monetary or any kind in favour of the company, which accrued at the time of the commission of the violation.


 All members are strictly enjoined to have a sense of equality and sincerity towards fellow members by not interfering with the sponsoring activities of their fellow members to the latter’s prejudice. While it is generally the discretion of the recruit under whose sponsorship he/she will register, members are strictly prohibited from influencing other members’ recruits to register under sponsors apart from the ones who invited them.

 However, after six (6) months from the time a recruit is introduced to HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE and no registration has been accomplished by the original sponsor, another Member may sponsor him or her.


 All members are strictly enjoined to observe decency and good behavior by not committing any immoral act or conduct, which tends to debase company policies and good morals within the company premises, its centers or service branches.

Members are strictly prohibited from influencing, obstructing or inducing the spouses’ choice to transfer from one group to another or to circumvent the policy regarding such transfer. (See Section 2.2 on Husband and Wife Membership)

Offense #1: Perpetual deactivation of all the accounts, which carries with it the forfeiture of all benefits, privileges, commissions and other remunerations either monetary or any kind in favour of the company, which accrued at the time of the commission of the violation.


 All members are strictly enjoined not to commit any fraudulent act or false pretence directly or indirectly, to the prejudice of the company or fellow member by not committing acts, which are but not limited to:


  1. For internal control of the company

  1. Using fictitious name, or dummy, or by other deceitful means purportedly to obtain personal gain and interest;

  1. Issuing a cheque to a fellow member or to the company when he/she/it has no funds or are insufficient to cover the amount of the check.

 Incurring obligation to a fellow member or to the company and evading the performance thereof;


  1. Soliciting large sum of money from persons who purport to be investors;

  1. Cross-Lining of Transferring/Sponsoring from other groups, except as authorized by the company;

 Openly or discreetly giving to management and staff to gain personal favours.


  1. For selling of Products

  1. By altering the quality, finess or weight of any product pertaining to the business of the company

ONE PRICE POLICY: Selling of PINs and other HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE products below the standard retail price set by the company.

Offence –Perpetual deactivation of all the accounts, which carries with it the forfeiture of all benefits, privileges, commissions and other remunerations either monetary or any kind in favour of the company, which accrued at the time of the commission of the violation.


 The Company imposes the following penalties for violation of Section 4, unless otherwise indicated in the prior provisions.

Offence #1: Six(6) months deactivation of all the accounts with the forfeiture in favour of the company of all benefits, privileges, commissions and other remunerations either monetary or any kind, which accrued at the time of the commission of the violation.

Offence #2: Perpetual deactivation of all the accounts; which carries with it the forfeiture of all benefits, privileges, commissions and other remunerations either monetary or in kind in favour of the company, which accrued at the time of the commission of the violation.




 The Campaign Plan of HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE is a Binary plan. The business consists of direct selling of PINs for campaign and the sharing of the business plan to prospective clients. A person desiring to enter into the business of HAPPYWORLD MEAL GATE has to purchase a PIN for the Quick start and get the Welcome Package.


 HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE gives its Members several simultaneous ways to earn as described in the compensation plan.

Visit: https://happyworldmealgate.org/compensation-plan

 1.Farms Stage – Registration

 At stage 0, all rewards are in FOOD ITEMS via the concept of ‘Feed yourself and help feed others’.

 NB: All payments at this stage are in FOOD ITEMS

 2.Green Garden

 At stage 1, all rewards are in FOOD ITEMS via the concept of ‘Feed yourself and help feed others’.

 NB: All payments at this stage are in FOOD ITEMS

 3.Golden Garden

 Free food items worth $150 for Seven (7) months.

 NB: Payments is 40% food items and 60% cash.

 4.Great Garden

40% food items and 60% cash. Free trip to Saudi Arabia for Hajj or Umrah (Lesser Hajj) or free trip to Israel or Dubai. All expenses paid inclusive of $5,000 Travelling Allowance.

 NB: Payments is 40% food items and 60% cash.

5.Famous Farm

Members at this level will receive 40% food items and 60% cash. They will also be entitled to $250 worth of food items for 12months. More so, a GRAND AWARD of SUV worth $30,000 will be added to the package.

 NB: Payments is 40% food items and 60% cash.


At this stage, you live to earn $6,000 from every team member that joins you. You’re also entitled to the unique privilege of profit sharing from the company.

 NB: Payments is 40% food items and 60% cash.


 Members shall not be treated as employees, franchisees, joint ventures or partners with regard to taxation laws, rules, ordinances or regulations. They shall observe natural provincial and local status and regulations relating to business operations. They shall be responsible for their own managerial decisions and expenditures, including estimated income tax and self decisions and expenditures, including estimated income tax and self-employment taxes. All members are responsible for paying income taxes due from discounts earned as an HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE.

All income presented in the Campaign Plan constitutes gross income and is exclusive of tax.


The business of HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE is NOT an INVESTMENT SCHEME wherein, it will be presented to people who will be called as INVESTORS and in return get a huge percentage as interest while doing nothing upon placing a huge sum of money as their INVESTMENT.

Any individual or group who will present, join, promote or has a connection with said scheme in any way, directly or indirectly, will be dealt with severely which may include termination and/or legal action for damages. The company will NOT be held liable if a Member/s joins the said unauthorized investment even if he/she does not know the policy.

Each Member / guardian is expected to take ordinary caution if he/she is being asked to pay more than the approved Ṩ32.





Ordering of food is done arbitrarily when the food portal is open. Every order place for food items will be deducted from the wallet of the member and the collection is done by the team leader or another designated individual by the team. Orders placed are collected between 1-4 days (Depending on the Batch that group falls) after the order is place at the selected center during the collection.


 For a new product or brand to be added, the processes to be followed are:


  1. Suggestion: The product must first be suggested by at least one-third of the member in that country or region. 

  1. Screening: The item must pass through thorough quality, availability and affordability screening and test from selected professionals and members and it must have at least 75% pass. 

  1. At least one-third of the member must pre-order for that during food ordering within this period.


All HAAPY WORLD MEAL GATE food items shall NOT be sold in any retail stores such as Pharmacies, Grocery Stores, Supermarkets and the like as these will directly compete with the Campaign Center Office (CCO) and satellite offices nationwide whose aim is to eradicate Hunger and malnutrition out of Africa.




7.1 HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE will exchange products only if the returned products are defective or of substandard quality or damaged from the point of collection. The following procedure shall be applied to effect a product exchange:





The HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE name, logos, trademarks and copyrights are exclusively owned by HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE. As such, Members agree not to use any written, printed, recorded or any other material in advertising, promoting or describing the products or Campaign Plan of the company in any manner, which has not been approved by management before being disseminated, published or displayed. The use or production of any promotional materials created by a Member, which has no prior written approval from HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE management is strictly prohibited.

 No Member shall make claims as to the products’ therapeutic or curative properties, except as provided in the official HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE literature.

No member shall use print, radio or television advertising, except with the written approval of HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE.

In cases where the media may contact an HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE

Member regarding HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE’s Officers, products or procedures, the Member shall refer them to the HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE Customer Service Department.


The creation of websites for the promotion of a Member’s business is not prohibited.

 However, the company strictly prohibits the creation of websites, which purport to be the official website of HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE. Any other website apart from the commercial websites of HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE, created for the promotion of HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE’s products or business must always contain a disclaimer at the bottom of every web page that it is not the official website of HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE.

 Failure to comply with this requirement, whether intentional or unintentional, will result in the termination of membership and/or legal action for damages.


Members can join fairs and trade shows to promote HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE’s goal on the condition that they are not displayed together with any other campaign or product sold through multi-level campaign.





HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE gives its Members the opportunity to own a Campaign Center (cc), which will supply food and conduct trainings and seminars in the area of their choice.


 The CCO maintains the status of an independent affiliate of HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE. They are given extra privileges, commensurate for the extra responsibilities that are placed upon them.

 As an independent affiliate, a CCO cannot represent HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE on a legal capacity. Instead, they represent themselves and the company that they may set-up for the purpose of serving as Campaign Center Operator for HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE.

 The CCO handles delicate and confidential information, transacts finances, reports and inventory. The Campaign Center Operator must support the total livelihood program envisioned by HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE as well as every other objective of the company.


A Campaign Center Operator is given the CCO rights for a period of one (1) year. The management shall review the CCO’s performance based on sales, customer service and compliance with the terms and conditions of the CCO Memorandum of Agreement.

Performance evaluation is conducted on an annual basis. The CCO agreement is renewed annually for the first five (5) years from commencement. Management will thereafter consider renewing the CCO agreement for a period of more than one (1) year depending on the performance of the CCO.


Any member of HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE who possesses the following requisites may be a Campaign Center Operator:


  1. For Natural Persons:

  1. Unquestionable integrity;

  1. Must have prior or current experience as a businessman

  1. Must not be currently involved with any network or Direct Campaign similar other than HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE.

  1. At least three (3) months of Membership with at least one thousand registered members or down lines residing in that area;

  1. At least 20 to 55 years old.

  1. For legal entity:

  1. All the requisites for natural persons, except 1b and 1e;

  1. Submission of Articles of incorporation or Articles of Partnership, by laws and board resolution appointing an official representative to transact with HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE.


 9.4.1. CCO Profile

For the CCO profile, a CCO applicant is required to submit the following:

  1. Completely filled up application form;

  1. Two (2) pieces 2x2 ID picture;


  1. Registration form which complete information;

  1. Letter of Intent;

  1. Recommendation letter from the direct up-line and up-line leader;

  1. Sketch of Campaign Center location;

  1. Photos of proposed center;

  1. Structure of HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE account (print genealogy and members in that region);

  1. Lay out of proposed center.

NOTE: Applicant must submit the above mentioned requirements to the HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE Head Office for evaluation in person or by mail, addressed to the country Director, Mr. S. Y LENTO. 

Qualified applicants will be scheduled for interview.

Please compile all documents and neatly fasten them in a short brown folder.

Incomplete data and requirements will not be processed.

Upon approval of the CCO rights application, you will be notified to deposit the initial capital of $32,000 in any of the company’s bank accounts.

9.4.2. Accessibility

The Campaign Center Office must be located within the business or commercial district of the city or municipality. It cannot be located in a home garage or similar facilities that may degrade the entrepreneurial nature of the campaign.

 9.4.3.Office Space


  1. Signage: A standard signage of HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE shall be installed in the Campaign Center; 

  1. Floor space: Must be at least 50sqaure maters; 

  1. Cleanliness: Must be well lighted, well ventilated (or air-conditioned) and free from rodents or other pests and pets; 

  1. Partitions: Must have a training area, a stockroom and a selling (cashier) area. All of these may be located within one (1) room for as long as there are partitions to segregate the three (3) main areas: 

  1. Training Area: seating capacity of at least 50 persons. Must have a white board (at least 3’ x 6’), chairs, tables, LCD projector is ideal, microphone and speaker;

  1. Selling (Cashier) Area – a product display cabinet must be installed properly and there must be a secured cash cabinet;

  1. Stockroom – room temperature must not exceed 300Celcius to avoid product spoilage.

 Staffing: the Campaign center must have at least the following personnel for effective operations:

  1. Cashier

  1. Admin Officer,

  1. Food Distribution/Store Staff

  1. Customer Service Staff

  1. Cleaner

 9.4.4. Communication

  1. Telephone line or Cellular phone (necessary)

  1. Fax Machine (recommended)

  1. Computer with internet connection (required)

  1. Scanner (required).

Note: To ensure compliance with the above requirements, photographs of the newly established center must be submitted within the first three (3) months of the CCO operation.

9.4.5. Manpower

A Campaign Center requires at least two (2) facilitators:

  1. CCO Manager (CM) – to function also as local campaign officer

  1. Cashier

  1. Store man – to function also as maintenance person and food distribution personnel.

9.4.6. Capitalization

$32,000 is the minimum capital investment to start a Business Center





The Company reserves the rights to make any modifications to the contract upon 30 days’ notice by publications and normal channels of communication. Member(s) agree(s) that after 30 days such changes shall be deemed effective and incorporated in the Contract between the Member(s) and HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE. Continuing to act as a Member(s) and accepting any bonus or benefit after the modifications shall have become effective are express acts of acceptance of the new Contract terms.




In the event of a dispute between the Member and the Company or between Members, it is agreed that the party complaining of a breach of any of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions including the HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE User Policy shall invoke the Dispute Resolution Mechanism put in place by the company for the purpose of resolving the dispute.


11.1.1. The Company shall publish its guideline for the implementation of a Dispute Resolution Mechanism.

11.1.2. Each member shall be obliged to in the first instance have recourse to the Dispute Resolution Mechanism in the resolution of all disputes between Members or between Members and the Company.

11.1.3. In the event of a failure or inability to resolve the dispute via the Dispute Resolution Mechanism, the Member(s) shall submit the Dispute to Arbitration.

11.1.4. The parties to a dispute shall jointly appoint a single Arbitration failing which joint appointment; the dispute shall be submitted to a Panel of three (3) Arbitrators appointed by the Institute of Arbitrators of Nigeria.

11.1.5. The decision of the Arbiter or Arbitration Panel shall be binding on the Parties to the dispute provided that the parties reserve the right to approach the regular courts with jurisdiction in the place where the Headquarters of Happy World Meal Gate is located for further determination.

11.1.6. The Arbitration and Conciliation Act Cap. 18LFRN and any modifications and or amendments for the time being in force shall be applicable in the resolution of all disputes between Parties.

11.1.7 Where a member or non-member decide to refer a complaint or any issue arising from a dispute between him or herself by a member or non-member or indeed the Company, to any of the institutions of the law for redress (with or without activating the Dispute Resolution Mechanism put in place by the Company) in such case, all the accounts related to the member or non-member shall remain suspended until the conclusion of such proceedings/process. For the purposes of the suspension, no right or benefit/reward will accrue to the member(s) during the period of the suspension.




The Company reserves the right to make waivers and exceptions to the application of these Policies, provided it is expressly stated in writing.

Any prior waiver or exception made as such shall not operate as a waiver of subsequent or additional breach nor as an exception for any other person.

Any delay of the company to impose the sanctions set forth in these Policies shall not constitute a waiver of the Company’s right to demand exact compliance with its rules and regulations, nor shall any custom or practice at variance with these rules obstruct this right.


The laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria shall govern the resolution of any dispute arising from the enforcement of these provisions. The Court having jurisdiction over HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE’s Head Office shall be the exclusive venue for all legal actions concerning HAPPYWORLD MEAL GATE. 


Any provision of the agreement between HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE and its Members, embodied in this document or otherwise, which has been judicially invalidated or otherwise rendered unenforceable shall not invalidate nor render unenforceable any other provision in the agreement.