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Frequently Asked Questions

The Sponsor ID is the Membership ID of the person referring you. It is also called the Referrer’s ID. This is the ID of the person who gets the $6.4 referrer bonus.

To register, you need to first get the registration PIN either by paying into the bank accounts, then send the payment details to or call the customer care line (+234)809 183 0700 to inform them of the payment; then Pins worth that amount will be sent to you via an agreed means. You can also buy from any of our Branch with POS or Payment Teller. Then go to this link, and fill the required details and click Submit.

After buying PINs, you will get your Welcome Package Immediately (i.e. if the purchase was from any of our offices) or you can arrange with someone to get your Package delivered to you if you bought online or from the bank and you are not close to any of our offices.

Moving from one stage to another requires you completing your matrix for that stage. For example: leaving the Farms Stage requires that you refer 6 people directly and subsequent stages requires that 14 of your “Downlines” from your previous stage meet you in your current stage to complete that stages’ matrix.

You can register 1, 3 or 7 accounts at the same time. However, there is no limit as to the number of registrations you can do at the given time.

Position is the place you want to place your down line. For your matrix to be complete at every given stage, you need to balance your legs. Every downline has to be positioned either on the LEFT LEG or RIGHT LEG of the parent. This positioning allow you to choose where to place a particular dowline that will complete your matrix tree.

Parent ID is the Membership ID of the person whom you want to place the new registration under. The Parent of any down line is the immediate person above the downline on whose left or right leg the downline is placed.

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