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Your Special Invite To Happy World’s Weekly Seminars

Quite a number of people overtime,continually equate network marketing with Ponzhi schemes.Not done,too many folks believe network marketing is just too complex and tedious.Many even errorneously believe that network marketing is all about selling drugs,supplements and a whole lot of undesireable groceries!

Permit us to say these are all myths,half-truths and fallacies.Network marketing is one business, hundreds of milllions of people all over the world have benefitted from and keep benefiting from on a daily basis.

At  our weekly seminars which hold thrice every week [Tuesdays,Thursdays and Saturdays],an array of special and highly experienced network marketers would take you on a one-on-one mentoring session on the whole networking gamut as it relates to Happy World Meal Gate.Come with your questions and findings and together we'll demystify network marketing and usher you into realms of possibilities that Happy World has to offer.

Our seminars hold in all our branches nationwide and time is 11am.

2020 is waiting...only the best prepared would be able and are capable of unravelling the benefits therein.

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