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The attention of the Management of Happy World Meal Gate has been drawn to a highly malicious and inciting WhatsApp message circulated by a certain Rose Chyzoba Ezeh who incidentally joined Happy World on 14/08/19 without a single downline till date.

The purported message includes a video which shows Stage 4 Awardees heatedly conversing with the MD/CEO, Mr S.Y.Lento on the sidelines of the 3rd anniversary which recently took place.

As a law-abiding corporate entity, We would have overlooked the broadcast as another lame de-marketing tactic of one of our numerous detractors, but since its often said that ‘Silence means consent’, We thus deem it fit to categorically set the records straight, issue by issue.

1.Rose Chyzoba Ezeh is not an awardee so it’s rather bemusing that she is claiming that 12 awardees qualified and only 6 were called to the stage for their car awards. The general public must note that prior to every car award ceremony, We usually have meetings with awardees and a thorough screening is usually carried out to expunge individuals who scaled to the zenith of our Compensation Plan via unwholesome acts and sharp practices. We have a company policy regarding how the business ought to be conducted and this has been our binding guideline from inception.

2.Secondly, Mrs Ezeh called on members to order food via their wallets as soon as the portal opens and even went further to term it ‘’last food order’’ and further described our 3rd anniversary as ‘’the last funeral’’. Is she now an undertaker? From her narrative, she is ostensibly on a clandestine mission to poison the clean clear waters she previously drank from and ensure that HWMG ceases to exist by any means necessary. This is one act of defamation too many.

3.In her usual spurious manner, she claimed that HWMG’s Dollar Package was flagged off to raise needed funds to purchase awardees cars. Really? How dubious, mischievious and petty can people be! Aren’t We free to create bespoke packages that meet the yearnings of our teeming members? When We introduced Basic Package in 2018,why didn’t Rose Chyzoba Ezeh kick against it? Why the sudden focus on the Dollar Package? Obviously she’s envious of HWMG’s giant strides.

4.From the onset of all our anniversaries, dummy keys are usually given on stage to awardees before accessing their cars; this year wasn’t an exception. On the 26th of October 2019,when the awardees met the MD/CEO after the event, he categorically told them since the cars have yet to arrive the shores of Nigeria, text messages will be sent to them detailing actual pick-up dates. The text messages have since been dispatched to the awardees.

5.Furthermore, Mrs Ezeh constantly made reference to a certain Prince Olatunji and urged him to ‘revive his old plan’ by ‘giving us a robust food network’. This statement furthers shows the genesis of her ill-motives. Rather than quietly copying HWMG as some of her unsuccessful predecessors have done, she’s blatantly trying to quench the light of another so that only hers  will shine. The million naira question is: Why resort to peddling fake news all because you want to kick-start your food network? Her frivolous claims that HWMG ‘cannot survive without Prince Olatunji’ is a pointer to how unashamedly low she can go.

6.Prince Olatunji knows why he wasn’t included in the Class of 2019 HWMG Awardees and except he’s economical with the truth, one begins to wonder why he failed to reveal it to his team of traducers from the onset rather than spewing half-truths on social media. We have evidence and We are willing to go full-frontal if need arises.

7.Finally, calling the MD/CEO unprintable names and inciting HWMG members against the Chief Executive, will not be treated with kids gloves. An African proverbs says he who brings ant-infested wood to his house should be ready to contend with an army of ants that will emerge. Mrs Rose Chyzoba Ezeh should be ready for the consequences of her ill- timed and ill-motived actions.

Management assures all and sundry that in spite of the numerous challenges Happy World has had to contend with, We are undeterred and remain obligated to honoring our contractual agreements and safeguarding the collective interests of both the company and our teeming members come what may. Happy World members are urged to overlook such false alarmists, maintain calm and continue with their Happy World business.




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