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For several decades, Africa has continued to grapple with persistent human capital flight and brain drain. Most worrisome is the desperate bid of young Africans to migrate to Europe at all costs and which has led to the death of thousands of brilliant and industrious Africans and has further compounded the woes of the continent.

Usually,the motivating reason most Africans give for migrating to Europe and other continents centers around unfettered access to the DOLLAR!

It’s often said that ‘Change is constant’ and this highly anticipated change is HAPPY WORLD’S DOLLAR $ PACKAGE; a homegrown multi-level marketing solution to poverty which stands as Africa’s greatest challenge.



*Raising a new generation of highly innovative & successful African entrepreneurs.

*Providing unhindered access to much needed capital/equity in US Dollars for entrepreneurs, start-ups and Small to Medium Enterprises (SME’s).

*A platform that adds value and creates opportunities for business expansion.

*To end illegal migration of Africans to Europe and other continents.



*The emergence of a continent filled with highly motivated Africans who are living their dreams and daily contributing to the overall growth and prosperity of Africa.



*Registration: $100 (Note:1 Happy World Dollar is equal to 1 US $)

*You can register 1,3 or 7 accounts only.

*Online purchase of PINs, registration and pay-outs.

*A simple and achievable compensation plan.

*The right platform for individuals, SME’s and start-ups to access funds.

*Open to all (Happy World members and non-members alike)

*Ability to prospect from anywhere in the world (especially from the comfort of your home).

*A global opportunity for all to succeed.

*Mobile business fully tailored to meet the need of the hour.

*Life-line for breadwinners, funding for education and achievement of your dreams.

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