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Be Mindful of These 4 Tips If You Are Truly Desirous of Success

Success is a journey not necessarily a destination.


Welcome to November. So how did the previous month fare? Were you able to hit that all-important goal? Yes? No? Cheer up because this piece might just be the requirement to galvanize you to success. However, to succeed you must be mindful of these four (4) simple but potent tips.


1.PROCASTINATION: The very word we dislike, yet willingly and subtly embrace. Procrastination is not only the thief of time; it also robs you of several opportunities that could have been triggered by prompt action. Dear friend, avoid it like a plague. How? Very simple. Make up your mind to do that task you’ve consistently postponed and you’ll begin to see desired results.


2.DILIGENCE: Are you diligent in your career or business? Are you determined to get better at what you do for a living? On a scale of one to ten, what’s your diligence level? Bear in mind that to succeed in any given endeavor, diligence must be your treasured companion. In fact, it’s a game changer! Embrace diligence, flavor it with passion and watch your aspirations soar like a Boeing 737.


3.LEARN A SKILL: The world is presently experiencing an acute skills gap. Gone are the good old days when a university degree was a meal ticket to the good life. Wake up! That era has since elapsed and is gone with the wind. Conventional workforce and business ethics have given way to dynamism and a noticeable paradigm shift. This shift has further necessitated a surge for peculiar skills which hitherto weren’t in demand. As it is, professional accountants are now computer programmers, while lawyers are now public speakers and events managers! One candid advice: go learn a skill you’re passionate about and watch your milk flow endlessly.


4.STAY POSITIVE: Someone recently said the world is gradually becoming one huge asylum. Can’t help but agree. This no doubt can be traced to global economic woes, job losses, depreciating earning power, widening gap between the rich and poor; perennial conflicts and a gory host of others. In the midst of the prevailing melee, simply hold your head high, see the bright side in everything and endeavor to always stay positive.

Finally, wake up every day with the mindset that things can and will only get better!


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