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8 Fruits For Weight Loss

If you're desirous of losing weight,here are 8 fruits that could aid your journey to weight loss haven without going through the rigours of resorting to unconventional means.

Still battling with your weight? Do you want to always look fab without the fear of gaining extra pounds? If it’s a YES, then these fruits might just be the panacea to your weight challenge.


APPLES: As kids, we were told that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Apples help supercharge your fat metabolism due to its richness in pectin which keeps you feeling full always.


WATERMELONS: Helps reduce fluid retention, constipation, skin disorders and promotes weight loss.


PEARS: Packed with high fiber content to prevent constipation and keep your appetite in check. No doubt, this will reduce your urge to constantly nibble at something.


PEACHES: High in ‘phenolic’ a compound that prevents the accumulation of belly fat. This piece will be heartwarming news for folks with protruding bellies.


STRAWBERRIES: Though pricey in this clime, it stimulates the production of leptin and adiponectin hormones. These two burn fats efficiently.


LEMONS: Lemons are high in Vitamin C and Citric acid. It’s richness in fiber helps reduce constipation, indigestion and obesity.


COCONUTS: As a kid, I recall loving coconut water for its sweet nutty taste. Coconuts are full of medium chain fatty acids that cannot be stored in the body as fat. The good news is that it can equally be eaten with a combination of foods.


So here's what you should do...take a brisk stroll  to the nearest fruit seller and purchase the aforementioned items.Meanwhile,don't forget to give us updates if the above tips worked for you.

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